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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The perfect Digital SLR / Laptop Backpack

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Well I have come to find out it does not exist here where I can purchase it! So, that is not entirely true either, but after spending 2 weeks searching on the web and looking at the limited camera shops we have here locally I have settled with this one.

Label states Quantaray Pro by Nanue Pro,
it seems well constructed and fits most of my stuff. I had been toting 2 bags to and from work and to all the girl's soccer games, and after a while that started to get a bit taxing.

I had been looking at a couple of other packs that would have sufficed:

Lowepro CompuDaypack
but I did not like the camera on the bottom or the way it opened felt like I was going to drop my Laptop on the ground when I went for my camera.

Lowepro CompuTrekker AW
Would have worked out just fine had what I was looking for looked at it at Mike's camera but... Just could not afford it. Ebay is 140.00$ plus shipping (did I mention, I'm a now person hate waiting for stuff in the mail)

Vertex 200 AW
Was one of those perfect bags. But could not open it and look at it Mike's only had the 100 and that would not fit my laptop. After looking at the 100 thinking that I would order the 200 I read some reviews that stated the 200 AW was very big to be lugging around much. Also at 160.00 plus, plus, plus. Tooooo rich for my blood right now. (just can't see spending that much now)

I also looked at some of the Tamrac packs but the ones I would have wanted the $$ sky rocketed. So I resigned my self to wait a while and see what else I could come up with. One last ditch effort I stopped by a Wolf Camera shop that I had not been in to and stumbled over this one (literally it was on the floor stuffed down where folks usually don't look almost killed my self, could have been impaled on a light stand. How would that have looked?)

80$ did you read that right 80.00 dollars. It has almost everything I want. Now remember this is not going to be a great hiking pack. Don't expect to clime Mt. Everest, or trek across Europe, or any thing like that. But for what I need it works great for too and from work, going to the girl's games, and where ever I may go. (mind you that is not much work 6 days a week 10a to 8:30p, commission sucks right? And when I do take time off its mostly spent with what the girls want to do)

Now I am prefacing this when I was looking for my bag most sites and reviews just did not get into detail enough for me. (one of those touchy feely guys .. got to see where all my stuff will go) I could not see all of the pockets, or really how much would fit.

So this is probably over kill but ... I took a lot of pictures and showed my stuff and how most of it fit.

backpack 1

even has a spot for your headphones to pop throught.
backpack 2

looks pretty wide, and it is don't go shopping with the wife in a china store.
backpack 3

straps are really comfortable, well padded and the back is padded to would be good for ½ day trip or running through the airport.
backpack 4

Tripod tie downs. I may have to redesign that a bit, but works out for what it is.
backpack 5

2 pockets up front one with mesh zippered pocket, don't expect to stuff much in these when the bag is full there is not much room .. note book and some flat items.
backpack 7

top pocket
backpack 6

bottom pocket don't let it fool you once the pack is loaded .. not much fits in here.
backpack 8

inside front there are 2 more mesh pocket, these are also limited when you have the insert loaded in there insert holds the camera and equipment, is removable if you want to use the bag for a day pack with out your camera (did you just say with out your camera, never going to happen its mine mine mine ... will not go any where with out it Precious)
backpack 9

This is the insert ..
backpack 10

all of the areas are fully customizable Velcro (who ever came up with that stuff, duct tape, and bailing wire were the bomb) this just works for me for now
backpack 11

Remember I'm a Geek laptop's go every were with me too (and yes I did say laptops)
backpack 12

like the top load
what fits 1

and that is not all that fits... forgot a few things if you click on the picture there are notes in flickr that tell you what all of the stuff is....

How most of it fits in there
backpack 13

the pack with out the insert in, and a better view of the laptop part.

For my daily grind this pack is great. In the future I will probably end up buying one of the sling style packs for just the camera to take when its not a good idea to carry this one and the computers. But for now it works.

Let me know what you think.

OH almost forgot ... here's the setup on how I took the pictures
studio 1

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