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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March of the Crunch Bell's Home Studio

Another off camera flash photography how to / diy with the CE's Photography off camera flash photography beginner

I don't claim to be a good photographer by any stretch of the imagination the only classes I have taken were back in High School and I will not say how long ago that was.

Just another Sunday, everybody's bumming around the house today the football games are on the boob tube, not really paying attention cause the Broncos are not in the playoffs.

I get an idea and run with it!

Poor little Crunch Bell's have been sitting in the freezer being picked off one by one since Christmas, be for they are all gone I figured it was time for them to March to their ultimate demise.

The setup is similar to any other studio setup I have studied on the Internet 2 strobes either side of the camera my cheap flash attached to the Xti providing the timing for the other 2 strobes. And here is the key I needed blank white area all around I don't have a box and have not made one. Found my daughters old toy box that was ready for the trash heap do to the fact that the bottom will not stay in and the top got ripped off some way shape or form.

Here is the set up unfortunately I share a studio space with my daughters play area in the front room. (hazards of a small house)



other pictures with the same setup

march of the Crunch Bells

oldiPod Nano2

I'm sure someone else can do a much better job with this but like I said, I'm just testing things out and bumming today. If you have any suggestions shoot them my way (have noooo problem with criticism)

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