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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Femme Fatale

Via Flickr:
Femme Fatale
Third out take for "May Self Portrait Challenge: Your Choice!" hosted by +Lotus Carroll over on google +This was not the one I submitted...

This final set up was actually 3 strobes. Fired with cactus triggers. Strobe #1 1/8th power bare no umbrella or diffuser to the left pointing directly at my wife with a gobo so the light did not spill on to me or directly at the wall I am leaning against. Strobe #2 Directly behind me also bare 1/16th and the 3rd strobe camera left really far back to add a little fill on me ...

Camera Settings Canon 50D Nifty-Fifty Shutter Speed 1/100 ISO 200 and aperture f/14

Photos By: Corbin Elliott Photography Photographer Denver

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